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Our mouthwatering Berkshire pork is getting a lot of attention from our customers as people discover what pork was meant to taste like. We want you to be 100% confident and comfortable when purchasing from our farm. If after reading this page, you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.
There are a few different ways you can order your pork. For example, do you like cured/smoked hams and bacon or do you prefer fresh (uncured) hams and bacon? Would you like breakfast sausage or unseasoned ground pork? We offer five different ways to process your pork:
1. Cured/smoked hams and bacon with breakfast sausage
2. Cured/smoked hams and bacon with ground pork
3. Fresh (Uncured) leg roasts and pork belly with breakfast sausage
4. Fresh (Uncured) leg roasts and pork belly with ground pork
5. Custom order (available with whole orders only)
The custom order is for customers who would like specialty cuts that are different from the list below. If you have questions or concerns about the curing process, you may find this blog posting helpful.
- The breakfast sausage is now free of MSG, BHA, and BHT preservatives! We have also added a touch of Vermont maple sugar. We call it Maple Kissed Sage and it is delicious!
- Uncured ham is the same as a roast. It will have the same taste and texture of the pork roasts. When viewing the cut list below please keep in mind that if you order uncured hams, that you will not get hams slices or a ham hock. Instead you will have four boneless leg roasts and 5-6 lbs of ground pork or sausage.
- The cut list below shows the average cuts from a half pork order. If you are ordering a whole pork, you can safely double the numbers you see.
- Freezer space: When calculating freezer space, allow for 1 cubic foot/30-35 lbs of meat. (A whole pork requires 4-5 cubic feet.) Chest freezers generally utilize space better than upright freezers.
- Pork comes packaged small enough to serve two people. (Pork chops come two per package.) If you are serving more than two people, you can easily add packages to accommodate the size of your family. All meat is frozen and vacuum packaged allowing it to be stored in the freezer for 1 year. Each type of cut is labeled on the packaging.
- Deposits are non-refundable. Once you place your order, the deposit money is used to help buy feed and farm supplies.
- The price is based on the hanging weight of the pig. While we average 160 lbs per pig, the actual weight can vary from 130 lbs to 200 lbs. A whole pork with a hanging weight of 160 lbs will return around 120-140 lbs of cuts in your freezer. We won’t have the actual total price of your order until the day of delivery when we pick up the meat from the butcher. It is at this point that we get the total weight for each animal.
- If you think a half pork might be too much for you, find a friend or family member to split an order with! Another great option is to buy a 30 lb pork CSA Share.
Half pork: 80 lbs Hanging Weight
Ham slices (steaks 1/3" thick) 5 packs 1.5 lbs = 8.5 lbs
Bulk Breakfast Sausage (or Ground Pork) 5 packs avg. 1 lb = 5 lbs
Bacon (Pork Belly) 8 packs avg .75-1.0 lb = 7.5 lbs
Ham hocks 1 pack 1.75 lbs
Hams (Leg Roasts) 2 packs 4lbs and 5 lbs = 9 lbs
Spare ribs full rack 1 pack avg. = 2.5 lbs
Roasts 4 packs avg. 3.5 lbs = 14.0 lbs
Bone-in Chops 1” 10-12 packs avg. 1 lb = 12 lbs
Tenderloin 1 pack avg 1 lb = 1 lb
2016 Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork Prices (Taking orders for Saturday March 19, 2016)
Whole Pork (Avg. hanging weight 130 - 200 lbs) - $3.75/lb (Around $488.00 - $750.00)
Half Pork (Avg. hanging weight 65 - 100 lbs) - $4.00/lb (Around $260.00 - $400.00)


Cured Hams and Bacon w/Breakfast Sausage Pork Deposit

Cured Hams and Bacon w/Ground Pork Deposit

Uncured Leg Roasts and Pork Belly w/Breakfast Sausage Deposit

Fresh (Uncured) Leg Roasts and Pork Belly w/Ground Pork Deposit

Custom Processed Pork (Avg. hanging weight 150-200 lbs) - $4.25/lb (Around $638-$850)

Custom Processed Pork Deposit

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