Farm Fresh Lard and Tallow

Our Farm Fresh Lard and Tallow both carry the USDA inspection label!

Farm Fresh Lard

We are pleased to offer pure pork lard from our pasture raised heritage pigs. As more and more of us are going back to our roots and getting back to basics, we have found many folks looking for lard. Not the hydrogenated, preservative loaded junk, but pure farm fresh pork lard with absolutely nothing added. We now offer our farm fresh lard in 4 lb tubs. Each tub of lard will keep for about 12 months in the freezer, 2-3 months in the fridge and several weeks at room temperature.

Lard is the secret ingredient that makes pies so flaky, cookies so tasty, and fried foods so perfect! Our lard is made from a combination of leaf fat and back fat. This fat comes from our happy pastured raised pigs which consist of Berkshire, Large Black and Mulefoot heritage breeds. Our pigs are all natural; meaning we don't use antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products and are fed a non-GMO diet of barley, wheat, oats, and brewer’s grain. Our pigs are treated humanely and respectfully and enjoy roaming our pastures. Here is a great article to read if you don't already know about the wonderful benefits of lard.  Our Farm Fresh Lard is already rendered and ready to use!  Most local butchers will save all the fat from the pigs being processed during the week and then do a large batch of lard for those that request it.  For most, this means that the lard they get is not their own.  We process enough pigs at a time that butcher makes lard exclusively from the fat of the pigs that we have raised.  You can know for a certainty that the lard you are receiving is the real deal!

Here are some good guidelines to follow when baking with lard:
1. If lard is being used in place of butter or shortening, reduce the lard amount by 20-25% of what the recipe calls for.
2. For cookies, breads, pie crusts, and cakes, we recommend using 50% butter and 50% lard.  This will give you a nice butter flavor but still give you some of the flakiness that lard provides.  

If you are like many of the people who have contacted us recently frustrated with the lack of availability of Farm Fresh, preservative free, non-hydrogenated lard, we now offer shipping to anywhere in the 50 states with USPS Priority Mail!  We store our lard frozen, however, lard will keep at room temperature for several weeks before going rancid. Therefore, we ship the lard without dry ice. It will arrive at room temperature and can be placed back in the freezer upon receiving it. We only ship lard on Mondays (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) so that it doesn't sit over the weekend. Unless you notify us otherwise, we will ship to the address listed in your PayPal account. The price of shipping and packaging is included in the prices below. Feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.

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Farm Fresh Pasture Raised Lard


Farm Fresh Tallow

We now offer rendered Tallow from the cows we butcher.  The fat is combined from both our grass fed cows and grass and barley fed cows and rendered into pure tallow. Our tallow is made the old fashioned way by slowly heating the beef fat in a large kettle.  It is non-hyrogenated and contains no preservatives or any other ingredients for that matter.  The storage and shipping details are the same as listed above for the lard.

Farm Fresh Tallow


Farm Fresh Lard and Tallow Combo

Can't decide between Lard or Tallow?  Try one of each and save on shipping! 

Farm Fresh Lard & Tallow Combo