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Our farm is truly a family farm. As a family we genuinely enjoy raising animals. Our children love going out to feed the pigs as is evident in the lightning speed in which they can slip on their mud boots and Carhartt jackets. Hollie and I go on “little pig dates” where we hold hands and walk out to the pigs to check on them. It is very therapeutic to lean against a fence post and just watch the pigs and cows grazing and chickens scratching and pecking. We thank you for your interest in Christiansen’s Family Farm and are pleased offer humanely treated, pasture raised, all natural, Berkshire pork and Grass Fed Beef from our farm to your table.

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Christian – Christian was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and moved to the United States when he was 6 years old. He grew up primarily in Broomfield, Colorado. After marrying Hollie in 2001, Christian received a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science. Christian’s passion for agriculture became apparent when he completed his degree in just 2.5 years time and graduated at the top of his class. Upon graduating, the agricultural job market was bleak and Christian instead turned his focus on a career in business management. He is currently employed as a business manager for the Department of Defense.

Hollie – Hollie grew up on a small apple farm in Lehi, Utah. Hollie was active in all aspects of their family farm and was known as the family’s best apple salesperson selling apples door-to-door and at their roadside stands. Hollie earned a degree in business management which has been a great asset to Christiansen’s Family Farm. Hollie’s determination to see the farm succeed was highlighted in 2009 when she helped a struggling sow deliver 10 piglets. This included reaching in and pulling four piglets after the sow grew too exhausted to push. Amazingly, she accomplished this while being 8 months pregnant!

Our four children- love being farm kids! In fact we couldn’t run our farm without their help. They each have a list of chores that they do everyday to help out. They collect and wash eggs, feed animals, clean out coops and pens, and help us round up pigs out of our big pastures when needed.

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by Susan W. on Blank Business Name

Absolutely loved your lard. I appreciate your hard work bringing premium products to the marketplace. You represent the America I love so well... view more

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This is the BEST hog lard I have had yet! Thank you for your very fast service; the tubs arrived in perfect condition, the lard was still set... view more

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