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All natural, humanely treated, pasture raised, purebred Berkshire (Kurobuta) Pork.

Utah Pork from Christiansen's Family Farm. Pasture raised

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Our Grass and Barley fed beef is a family favorite! Our pasture raised cow are finished on alfalfa and barley for better marbling and flavor!

Utah beef from Christiansen's Family farm. Pasture raised beef 100% GMO Free

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CSA Shares


Utah Beef from Christiansen's Family Farm. pasture raised. Non GMO

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Family Package



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Pork Lard


lard in tub

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Beef Tallow


Beef tallow in tub from Christiansen's Family farm. pasture raised beef tallow

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A La Carte

Our “a la carte” items are those that are  not part of any packages and these products can be ordered individually.

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