Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs


Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs $5 per dozen.



All our eggs come from pasture-raised hens. We start with natural pastures – pastures which are never treated with herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers – and regularly rotate them to keep them fresh and healthy. Of course, the natural fertilizer the ladies, pigs, and sheep leave behind certainly helps!

The girls are free to roam and forage, and dig in the dirt as much as they like – we open the barn doors in the morning, and out they all go! We make sure there’s plenty of shade out on the pastures, and a ready supply of both clean, fresh water and our carefully formulated supplemental feed, but they’re free to come and go from the barn, and free to eat what they want, all day long.

Our eggs have dark yellow yokes and have an amazing flavor! We have been told by many customers that these are the best eggs they have had!  


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