We want you to feel comfortable when you buy from us and welcome any questions you may have. We are a family farm and use our home phone so please be considerate of our schedule and call between 9am and 6pm. We are often out taking care of our animals and unable to answer the phone. If there is no answer, please leave a message.

Christiansen Farm
Mailing Address: 1599 N 17790 W, Fairfield, UT 84013


Phone: 385-215-4557

Sorry, we do not sell roaster pigs, piglets, breeding stock, or live pigs.

PS. This is Christiansen’s Family Farm in Utah not Christensen Farms in Minnesota. Our farm is not the factory farm that has been featured in undercover videos showing the abuse of pigs. We would never treat our animals this way. You can read more about our pigs and how we raise them by clicking this link below. OUR PORK



Mailing Address
1599 N 17790 W
Fairfield, UT 84013