2lb Local Raw Honey


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We are pleased to now offer local raw honey! Cedar Valley Honey is a family run business located in Cedar Valley, near Eagle Mountain, Utah. Established in 2008 with just two hives, they now maintain approximately 100 hives. Their hives are located throughout Lehi, Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain, as well as Riverton, and Bluffdale areas.

The honey is raw, unpasturized and minimally processed. When we extract the honey we use a centrifugal extractor. It is then strained through a 400 micron strainer to remove bee parts and wax. This allows all of the natural goodness to remain in the honey (pollen, enzymes and sweetness). No other processing occurs before bottling.

Our honey is considered a “wildflower” honey. The floral sources consist of everything that you naturally see in your own neighborhood. (Alfalfa, clover, dandelions, sunflowers, sage, wild weeds and flowers, garden flowers and vegetables, shade trees and fruit trees, and anything else available). This gives our honey a rich and deep flavor, without being overpowering.


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